Finding Your Person

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Strutting your way into the world of modeling is like listening to a group of people continuously tell you that you will be successful, but most voices are broken records. I know several aspiring models who are told they “have the look” and “have the potential to make it in a big city”, myself included. But the reality is, most models won't.

I'm not saying that we “don’t have the look” or the “ambition” to make it to a big city and sign with a big agency. Us models just haven't rubbed noses with the right agent or the right photographer who whole heartedly believes in us and will sacrifice everything they have and know, just to be in the background when we “make it big”.

So how do you know when you've found the person who values you, gives you the truth, allows you to prosper and who is optimistic about everything that makes you worthy? For those who have just entered the industry, don't trust too easily; research first and sign anything only when you feel valued.

You've found your person when your eyes in every photo taken are as clear as what your mother envisions them looking like. When your comp cards discretely expose your measurements and the creation of your portfolio doesn't cost you a semester of your college education.

For me, I found my person three years into my modeling career. I can truthfully say that in the beginning, I was blessed and honored to have worked with several people who have made my journey in the world of modeling educational, inspiring, exciting and enjoyable. But my person has encouraged me to strive for greatness in every aspect of my life.

I hope you find your person who shows you your purpose in this crazy world of modeling.

Do your research on me. You'll find that I am an ambitious young lady, who was in your shoes and unsure of how to stand out as a model. So before you trust every and anyone, I'm an Instagram follow away from helping you enter, what could be, an amazing world of modeling.

(September, 2016)